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Tenant Testimonials

"I was leaving a really bad landlord experience at my last place, so I was very cautious when looking for my new place.  The folks at River City Management helped me find the right apartment, made the leasing process so easy and I looooove being able to pay rent online.  Two years and counting, still happy."    -  Amanda Wyatt

"I had a few issues after moving in to my apartment and River City (Management) took care of them immediately.  It's nice renting from people who actually care."       -  Brian Kohler

"I looked for almost an entire month before I found the right house for me and my family.  These guys made everything so simple and easy.  I never thought I would say this, but the rent is one check I don't mind writing each month - River City helped my family not just find a house, we found a home."       - Andrew and Sarah McDowell 

Owner/Client Testimonials

"I tried to be the landlord for my two rental properties for 8 years before finally deciding to pay for management.  Best. Move. Ever!  I used to think I couldn't afford professional property I realize I can't afford NOT to have them.  I highly recommend them."    - Anthony McGuire

"I was with a management company and was at my wit's end with all the fees, excuses and lack of performance.  I gave River City three of my buildings to start with; I didn't want to put all my eggs from one broken basket into another.  Two years later, they manage my 9 houses and all 66 apartments I own! Thanks guys!"   -  Lynne Patton

"I've owned rentals for 31 years and did just fine.  But at 63, I wanted to start spending more time with my family and enjoy my free time, which was rare.  The team over at River City Management picked right up and take care of my buildings AND my tenants just like as if I was still doing it myself.  They listen, they are on top of things and most of all I can trust them.  That's hard to find these days.  I've been to Florida with my wife and we just got back from visiting our grandkids in Texas and not once did I even think about my rental properties."     -  Edward Westbrook III

"Easy to understand statements each month, higher rent at my properties, and much better tenants.  What else could I ask for?"   - Barbara Guenther

"You guys made it possible for me to buy two more rental properties!  And those will be put in your hands as well!  I cannot thank you enough for your help and guidance...I'm more knowledgeable than ever." - Stephanie Montgomery

Share Your Thoughts

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